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Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Pandemic Update:

Due to the on-going global situation, this will obviously affect various timings/dates as original published on this website.
We will be updating these following discussions with the parties involved.

(May 2020 Update: Dates have been 'pushed' back one year, so Season #1 will be in 2021, Season #2 in 2022 and now the competition entry closing date is 31 December 2021)

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Welcome to Wreck Hunters,

An Exciting New Project for 2021 & Beyond…

Wreck Hunters is dedicated to people who dream of becoming detectives of the world’s oceans…

Do you aspire to be a diving archaeologist?

If yes, then Wreck Hunters can help you

A Quick Intro...

Learn the science of excavating historical wreck sites in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean.

Meet The Team...

Learn from experienced divers & tutors who have a lifelong passion for underwater archaeology.

The Course...

Learn all aspects of diving archaeology, including: search & survey methods; excavation & recording skills.


Launch Article

Read our launch article in January’s edition of
Scuba Diver Magazine