Tucked away in a beautiful corner of the Caribbean, the tiny island of Utila is the perfect location for learning diving archaeology.

Utila is a gorgeous off-the-beaten-track Caribbean island, with it being the smallest of the three major ‘Bay Islands’ of Honduras.

It is a renowned diving destination described as a hotspot for whalesharks at certain times of the year.

Wreck Hunters team member Isabella has lived on the tiny Honduran Island of Utila all her life – here she talks enthusiastically about why she loves the island and why it makes for such a great destination for divers and holidaymakers.

This small remote island, just 11Km by 4Km, is surrounded by fringing reef, with steep coral-lined walls adding to the reputation as a ‘diving paradise’.

Utila is also known for its laid-back approach to life, with rustic surrounds built more for comfort and charm than extravagant luxury.

Being a former British colony, which today combines a unique blend of Honduran, British and Caribbean cultures and traditions as well as welcoming travellers from all over the world. Islanders are incredibly hospitable and go out of their way to welcome tourists with open arms. Spanish is the most common language, but it is easy to get by as most of the locals speak good English.

Temperatures are consistently warm all year round in Utila, with an average nudging 30C. This means that water temperatures are especially comfortable, suitable for a 3mm wetsuit – full length or shortie whichever you prefer.

Light clothing is all you’ll need for your stay, though it is recommended to bring mosquito repellent to stave of those pesky mites!

The best way to get there is via the international airport on Roatan, this being Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (RTB), followed by a transfer by either boat or light aircraft.

It is worth noting that the nearest hospital is on the mainland.