Utila – Health & Safety

Utila is a popular destination for travellers the vast majority of whom do not experience any issues regarding  personal safety or any health issues.

But it must be noted that Utila is what many would consider to be a remote location. For this reason, anyone wishing to participate in the Wreck Hunters course needs to take this into account. There are medical facilities on the island. However, the nearest main hospital is on the mainland and hence you will see throughout the details of the course an emphasis being placed on having the correct insurances in place and having a good understanding of First Aid.

Insect bites are to be expected, therefore we suggest that you bring/use an insect repellent with a high percentage of DEET. Also insect bite creams such as Antisan are recommended.

Additionally, as in any country you would visit, care must be taken not to put yourself into a potentially difficult or dangerous situation.

We will provide more information on these subjects to those wishing to take part in the course at a later date. It is always worth taking the advice of your local medical professional on health matters  and refer to the Foreign Office guidance on visiting specific countries.   

Comprehensive travel insurance is important in addition to DAN insurance for diving emergencies.