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Update: July 2020

Towards the end of  March 2020 US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin indicated that the USA would be in “lockdown” for  10 to 12 weeks. As travel from the US is the most reliable method to access the Bay Islands, effectively this meant that any idea of running the scheduled Wreckhunters programme for 2020 was a non-starter.

At the time of writing Honduras is “closed” and has been since 01/05/2020.

Utila until recently had no confirmed cases of coronavirus but unfortunately that has changed. Even if this was not the case foreign visitors putting an additional strain on , by developed  world medical  standards , a fairly basic medical service would be irresponsible. The third world was always going  to be more severely affected by Covid 19 than the first.

It was therefore an easy decision to  postpone the 2020 season and move it onto 2021.

We are in touch on a regular basis with our key contacts in Utila and , as far as we can say at this time, there are very reasonable prospects  a  season next year.

This of course is dependant on the development of control measures for the virus.

Much has been written about the possibility of a vaccine to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2. It is unlikely that a vaccine will be readily available until early 2021. “Herd Immunity” is a term bandied about by the press but there are problems with this. Drug therapy may be another way to mitigate the effects of the SARS-CoV- 2 virus. A treatment followed by a vaccine would appear to be the most likely way forward.

The long-term risks to divers from exposure to Covid-19 are becoming clearer and  research in this area is moving quickly. In short research is showing that individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 but with “mild” or no symptoms have suffered lung damage. Though it would appear that this is normally reversable. Of course the worse the patient is effected by Coronavirus the worse the damage. Any diver who has tested positive for Covid-19 would be wise to seek medical advice before diving again.

In terms of returning to actual diving activities post – “lockdown” various organisations are producing guidelines. In the UK a group of eminent diving medics ( which fortunately for me includes my own doctor ) have published a list of guidelines for diving. DAN have produced some useful information on the disinfection of Scuba equipment. It would be wise for  diving practitioners to actually be “guided by the science” rather than pay lip service to it.

In summary,  for the time being each individuals priority must be to keep virus free. We have every intention of running a programme for 2021 which will probably be the programme intended for 2020. There will be alterations to diving standards and methods as a result of coronavirus  – at this point it is impossible to say exactly what these will be.

On the other side of the pandemic perhaps we will all appreciate just what a great privilege it is to be able to visit and  travel in our underwater world.

Stay safe

Mike Haigh (FRGS), Project Director