Giglio (The Etruscan Wreck)

This wreck, at one time the “Oldest Shipwreck in the World”, was originally discovered by a group of divers in 1961 led by Reg Vallentine. The site is dated to 600-590 BC

However, no real archaeological work was completed on the site until a team from Oxford University Maritime Archaeological Research (MARE), directed by Mensun Bound, excavated the site in the period 1983 to 1986.

The cargo included amphoras from various locations, copper ingots, Etruscan aryballoi (oil flasks), kantharof (drinking cups) and musical instruments, including a flute.

The most spectacular object recovered from the wreck was a magnificent bronze helmet (see below) of Corinthian type, decorated with incised designs including a boar on the right cheek piece.

Part of the hull and keel survived and were raised in a complex operation. The analysis of the keel provided important insights into ancient ship construction.

Mike Haigh acted as Chief Diver on the project and Joanna Yellowlees-Bound was involved in the project in many senior roles throughout.