The Studland Bay Wreck

The Studland Bay Wreck was discovered in 1984 by divers from Hamworthy Sub Aqua club. A dive team was recruited by the original project leader Vic Unt to survey and excavate the site.

In the period 1985 to 1987 the remains of a Spanish Carvel were surveyed and partially excavated by this team.

Finds included Isobella polychrome pottery, stone cannonballs, leather goods, jugs, remains of barrels and the remnants of a swivel gun.

In this period a complete photomosaic of the starboard side of the wreck was completed. This part of the wreck measured approximately 22.5m by 3.5m. The visibly was very limited and the production of this photomosaic was no mean feat in the prevailing conditions on the site.

Mike Haigh was both a committee member and Chief Technical photographer to the project in this period. Recognition should be given to Andrew Bowley and students from Bournemouth Technical college who assisted in the design and production of the photo-tower used in the production of the photomosaic.